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Nomads_ Mediterranean Perspectives
[ISSN 1889-7231] Official Journal of the EMUI_ EuroMedUniversity
Ed. Plaza & Valdés, Madrid and Mexico 2009 ss (781 / 590 pages)

Nomadas_ Critical Journal of Social and Juridicial Sciences
[ISSN 1578-6730]. Official Journal of the EMUI_EuroMed University
Established in 1999, 41 issues have been published since then. 268 authors from 62 European academic and research institutions and 49 non-European have written a total of 502 articles. The journal has the following sections: 1. Current affairs, 2. Essay, 3. Research, 4. Latin-America, 5. Reviews and Notes. It is registered in 9 Spanish indexes and 7 international indexes. Its site receives an average of 14.436 hits per month in from: Spain (36, 68%), United states (20,80%), Mexico ( 8,00%), Argentina ( 5,91%).

Critical Dictionary of Social Science
[ISBN: 978-84-96780-14-9; 84-96780-14-7]. Volumes 1-4, Ed. Plaza y Valdés, Madrid and México 2009 (3249 pages)
The current edition, with 432 co-authors and 983 entries, reviews the first and second editions (Anthropos publishers, 1988 and 1991), and involves significant updating of circa 50 % of the entries. A hundred of them are available on the electronic edition that the UCM has been offering online since 1999. On average there were 84.463 hits per month in 2008, mostly from the United States (32,13 %), Spain (18,77 %) and Mexico (14,56 %). 92 European and 29 non-European institutions are represented in this dictionary.

Critical Dictionary of Social Science. (Virtual Bilingual Edition)
 978-84-617-9689-2]. Ed. EMUI_ EuroMed University Editions, Madrid - Roma, 2017

[Making good use of terms that legitimize trades is equally arrogant, when it is not an indicator of professional instability. If we speak of criticism. While it is true that this technical language is a tempting guarantee of stability. (..) The work we announce therefore seeks to record other readings, to respect the plurality of perspectives and feelings. Tool, certainly also useful for the large mass of integrated. Although of clandestine use. Resist, in short, is a noble office of humans]

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