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THEORIA is a mixed project -
class attendance and virtual- in permanent construction, of multidisciplinary and international character. It is formed by professionals of recognized academic and intellectual solidity. As a critical project, it is proposed to design a map, also provisional, to record the corresponding passages, respecting the variety of approaches, trends, readings or interpretations of contemporary Philosophy and Social, Human and Legal Sciences, both in their theoretical aspects as in their applications and uses. The scientific-technological corpus of study also requires a careful monitoring of the social effects that these uses promote, as well as the type of responsibility that the intellectuals involved assume. Something that this GI has proposed since its consolidation in 2004 as Research Group of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

THEORIA emerges as a Complutense International Seminar Europe-Fin-de-Siècle: Thought and Culture (1998), and as a periodical scientific publication Nomads. Critical Journal of Social and Legal Sciences (Record of Passages and Maps in Culture and Knowledge) (1999, ISSN 1578-6730 · Legal Deposit: M-49272-2000). Initiative of Prof. Román Reyes, the GI is integrated to the present day by about one hundred researchers (UCM and external) attached to different university institutions Spanish, Community and third countries.

THEORIA is an open space. As a critical project it should be a forum that allows and records not only the description and analysis of what has happened to us in the past millennium. It must also be and especially a timely pre-text for the re-vision of the discourses on modernity, as well as the different readings by which we have chosen and the effects and changes that such discourses have imposed or justified. By its very nature, this project must respect and defend its autonomy, guaranteeing plurality and fostering dialogue. Not otherwise could be interpreted the will of those who have designed it from the Complutense University of Madrid, but with the generous complicity of other university students, professionals or researchers of the most disparate origin or ascription, linked or not to different centers or groups National and international level. Institutional backing has not been less generous, but not enough for the project to achieve the goals we set ourselves at the pace and times we had set ourselves. In line with our explicit willingness to permanently review the texts and con-texts selected here, we appreciate any kind of suggestion or collaboration, in a personal or institutional capacity.

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