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Mediterranean Perspectives
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Nr 05 (2017.2018) | SECOND PERIOD


CALL FOR PAPERS PROPOSAL.- Scheduled to be published around April/May 2018. Hence, we are glad to open the call for papers. Papers should be submitted in English and in another EU or Mediterranean language (preferably French) to cc, by end of December 2017 the latest. Info:


Amb. Fathallah Sijilmassi | UfM_ Union for the Mediterranean, General Secretary.
Presentation. Welcome greeting


Enrico Molinaro | RIDE-APS_ Italian Network for EuroMediterranean Dialogue (President), Roma
About the collective identity: Emerging Identity models

Vitantoniio Gioia | EMUI_ EuroMed University, Direction Council, Lecce-Salento
News migratory flows: On economic inequality and environmental unbalances

Román Reyes | EMUI_ EuroMed University, Direction Council, NOMADS_ Director
Between passion and ideology: Alternative wellness models

Abstract.- Between passion and ideology there is no leap. Only apparent contradiction that is not resolved in 'reconciliation' or synthesis. The man-nature dialectic is only a theoretical-descriptive position, never praxis. Instinct and reason, ideology and passion are 'different' moments of the same relationship. We would say that there is a primacy of passion, but that 'after' that passion becomes ideology. Because, although history no longer belongs to us, we live in 'this' story. We are actors of a historical moment. NOMADS_ Mediterranean Perspectives is the daughter of passionate reason. Want to do, want to talk. What we miss. From the Mediterranean, to the Mediterranean. And so we have tried to do so in the first four issues of the magazine. The numbers 01 and 02, in conventional edition, 03 and 04, in virtual support. And eight years have passed. Long enough to redirect our eyes. To see ourselves facing a 'different' reality, which the media describe (which is described under the most disparate events), to read reality with that same reality-another. We are confident that we will recognize ourselves from the first issue of the Second Period, 05 (2017-2018), which we have already announced. Thank you for continuing to help critical thinking circulate.

​​While it is true that any perspective, with a desire for critical analysis and proposed solutions, should be the aim of this Zeitschrift, not everything that happens in the Mediterranean, or in its area of influence, is predictable. Stabilityhere is stable  instability, which contaminates the firmness that must characterize the work of researchers and experts in the EuroMed area. But, even so, it is a differentiator element of the trade of a committed intellectual. NOMADS_ is an observatory of the plural reality that is the Mediterranean and of the strategies of coexistence, obligatorily necessary. For these reasons, the work that the Editorial receives will necessarily have two levels: a) the one from which punctually (historically) arises the need for reflection, intervening in the nature and structure of the facts; and b) the other, which generates 'iterature on the diversity of theoretical-critical perspectives, which supports such as ours intend to fix. For this we have opted for the following edition mode: 1) will be published in online version any article that, due to its actuality, refers to events of impact, as soon as the evaluators issue a positive report; 2) a selection of these works will be published in conventional format in the first half of 2018, so that number 05 (2017-2018) refers.

Identity, Migratory Flows, Wellness Models
Identità, Flussi Migratori, Modelli di Benessere
Coordinatore: Vitantonio Gioia

The Light of the Mediterranean: Pasolini & Caravaggio
La Luce del Mediterraneo: Pasolini & Caravaggio
Coordinatore: Roberto Chiesi

Mediterranean: The Voice of Women in Literature
Mediterraneo: La Voce delle Donne nella Letteratura
Coordinatore: Michela Zanarella

European Higher Education Area Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit